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Supply Ability: Medical PSA Oxygen generator
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Product Description

Product Description

PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) Applications for PSA oxygen generators

1,Metallurgical Industry:Our products can provide electric-arc furnace steelmaking, oxygen-enriched blast-furnace iron-making, oxygen-enriched combustion-supporting.

2,Nonferrous Smelting: Our products can provide smelting of gold, silver, lead, copper, zinc and aluminum as well as various oxygen-enriched blast-furnace combustion-supporting.

3,Environmental protection: Our products are widely used in drinking water treatment, waste water treatment, paper pulp bleaching, pollutant biological treatment and waste incineration.

4,Chemical Industry: Our products are widely used in various oxidation reactions, ozone generation, coal gasification and medicine production.

5,Medical treatment and health care: Our products can provide medical oxygen, oxygen therapy and oxygen health care.

6,Aquaculture:Our products can serve in seaculture and freshwater aquaculture.

7,Others:Our products can serve in fermentation, welding cutting, glass furnace, air conditioning and waste incineration.

Pressure Swing Adsorption working principle

PSA technology allows nitrogen molecules to be isolated from other molecules in compressed air (water, oxygen, CO2, etc). The carbon molecular sieve (CMS), the adsorbent in the generator, retains all those molecules and only lets the nitrogen pass through to the outlet. While the CMS in one vessel regenerates a second, connected vessel goes through the same adsorption cycle. These two connected vessels work together to ensure a near-continuous flow of nitrogen gas.

Benefits of our PSA oxygen Generators:

· Experience - We have supplied over 1000 oxygen Generators all over the world.

· German Technology - We have German collaboration for our technology and have fine tuned this technology to gain proprietary advantages in several key areas.

· Automated Operation - PSA oxygen Gas plants we manufacture incorporate complete automation and no personnel are required for operating the Gas plant.

· Low Power Consumption - We guarantee a very low power consumption for oxygen production by optimum design to efficiently use the compressed air and maximize production of oxygen gas.

1.air compressing system, this system includes air compressor, air buffer tank, the purpose of this syetem is to compress the normal pressure air to high pressure air.

2.air purification system, this system includes degreaser, refrigerated(adsorption)dryer,ultrafilter,active carbon filter,the purpose of this system is to remove dust,water and oil in the compressed air to make sure the compressed air will be clean and dry in the following steps.

3.air buffer tank. This system includes air compressing buffer tank,the purpose of this system is to store the compressed gas to make sure the stable supply of gas for O2/N2 separation system,mainly composed of air tank and valves.

4.Adsorption separation system,this system includes adsorber tower,Program control valve,controller,analysis meter, also this is the most important system for all the production line, the purpose of this system is to produces O2 through PSA technology,composed of two adsorption towers filled with carbon molecular sieve and automatic control valves

5.buffering and emptying system,this system includes Nitrogen gas buffer tank,flfter,pressure regulating valve,flow gauge, emptying system.the purpose of this system is to store the finished O2 and regulate the pressure for the request,and change the flow of the O2 .

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Huangcang Industry Equipment Co.,Ltd is a company with long time development history, it has become a large-scaled,serialized and professional air separation equipment manufacturer in China.

Our main products are: small and medium sized cryogenic air separation plants,pressure swing adsorption device(PSA),vacuum pressure swing adsorption and desorption equipment(VPSA),natural gas(LNG)equipment,oxygen,nitrogen,liquid nitrogen,liquid oxygen,carbon dioxide purification equipment,special gas recovery unit,refrigeration dryer, no heat,micro heat,heat the dryer and various filters.

In addition to provide high-quality products, we still undertake technical consulting,engineering design,equipment installation and commissioning, technical training and other services,and inplementation of turnkey projects.

Huancang technology will be always offer the best pre sales ,on sales and after sales services to the clients from all over the world.

Welcome clients from all over the world to visit our factory for business cooperation.

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Why you should choose us to cooperate ?

1. we are really manufacturer for air separation equipments for about 20 years.

2. we have special and professional engineers and workers to make sure all of your requests can be satisfied.

3. we have special and professional engineers who can travel to your projest site to install and test the machines and train your workers to make sure the machines can work smoothly and your workers can operate the machines smoothly.

4. as soon as you decide to visit our factory, you should just send me your flight tickets info and we can arrange special cars to pick you up from the airport and arrange all of your journey for you in China including hotel booking and so on…….

5. compared to others, our price is competitive and our quality is always the best !

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