Useful New Style ce medical health care oxygen generator

Useful New Style Ce Medical Health
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  • Min. Order 1 Piece/Pieces ce medical health care oxygen generator
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Port: Shanghai and ningbo port
Supply Ability: 100 Set/Sets per Month ce medical health care oxygen generator
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Product Description

Useful New Style ce medical health care oxygen generator

Product Description

Toplong compressors,

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Air seperation system

compressor for oxygen nitrogen gas ,oil free

series,10pcs/20pcs/30pcs/50pcs/100pcs/200pc bottles per day,

compressor for nitrogen /oxygen gas ,100% totally oil free ,

filling 10pcs/20pcs/30pcs/50pcs/100pcs/200pc bottles per day,

Application fields.
PSA nitrogen & oxygen generators are the basic models and core components of PSA nitrogen Oxygen generation systems. With standardized design, PSA nitrogen / oxygen generators are divided into five series by different purities and different capacities as specific models.

Aircraft& motor vehicle tires

Chemical and petrochemical industries

Electronics industry

Metallurgy / heat treatment

Pharmaceutical industry

Glass and lighting industry

Oil & Gas



PSA nitrogen oxygen technology utilizes two towers which are filled with carbon molecular sieve (CMS). Compressed air enters the bottom of one tower. While the smaller oxygen molecules are adsorbed by the CMS, the larger nitrogen molecules pass through the sieve and are stored. Once the CMS of the working tower is saturated with oxygen, the regeneration of the CMS in the tower starts to work by depressurizing, and while another tower is switched to start the process over again.

Customized capacity, and delivery pressure are also available.


More reliable:
* standardized air separation systems based on proven state of the art technologies in history of many years application in fields.
* Simplified engineering design idea with much less moving parts, guarantees maximum reliability and minimal maintenance
More economical:
* More advanced and more economical air separation modules.
* REFLUX composition control system reduces air consumption capacity, saves energy cost.
* Patented Energy Efficiency System (EES) enables our systems to produce product gases based on actual demand.
More convenient:
* multi monitoring and control system enables parameters of capacity, purity, and pressure of product gases online display on panel screen, gives running problem alarm, and reminds of maintenance.
* Turn-key solution and pre-commissioned.
* Skid mounted design, easy installation.

Specification of ce medical health care oxygen generator:

MODEL oxygen Purity % Oxygen capacity Nm3/h Air Consumption m³/min inlet(DN mm) outlet(DN mm) Air purification system Dimension(cm) (L×W×H)
BPO93 90%-93% 3 0.64 25 25 BA-1 130×120×200
BPO93 90%-93% 5 1.10 25 25 BA-2 140×130×200
BPO93 90%-93% 10 2.15 32 25 BA-3 150×130×230
BPO93 90%-93% 15 3.23 40 25 BA-6 160×140×250
BPO93 90%-93% 20 4.30 40 25 BA-6 310×80×250
BPO93 90%-93% 25 5.38 50 25 BA-6 340×90×280
BPO93 90%-93% 30 6.45 50 25 BA-10 380×100×310
BPO93 90%-93% 40 8.60 50 25 BA-10 430×120×300
BPO93 90%-93% 50 10..75 65 25 BA-16 460×120×320
BPO93 90%-93% 60 12.90 65 25 BA-16 520×140×340
BPO93 90%-93% 80 17.20 80 25 BA-20 570×160×330
BPO93 90%-93% 100 21.50 80 25 BA-25 610×160×380
BPO93 90%-93% 120 25.80 100 32 BA-30 650×160×480
BPO93 90%-93% 150 32.25 100 32 BA-35 740×220×350
BPO930 90%-93% 200 43.00 125 40 BA-50 950×220×410

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ce medical health care oxygen generator

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